(A) Morning assembly

The idea of a morning assembly is primarily to set the day off with positive energy in the outdoor garden in the morning. The morning assembly program is:-

  • 1. Reading Quran (with the holy Quran teacher).
  • 2. Salute the flag / a patriotism song "Blady".
  • 3. Song about personal hygiene for example (wash your face - /brush your teeth …..)
  • 4. Songs about parts of the body (head and shoulders) with jumping and dancing.
  • 5. Songs about the English – Arabic alphabets " A B C " " أ ب ت ".
(B) Activity Room

We have a very big activity room which contains (puppet show games) the children have the ability to run, jump, throw and catch balls all these activities helps children to gain confidence, being healthy and active. All this develop the children bodies and their physical skills too.

(C) Montessori

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the word and to develop their maximum potential by using different materials such as day, sand, etc.

(D) Arts

Expressive Arts and design involves extending children's creatively, curiosity exploration and play. We en courage the development of children's creativity through the opportunities to learn about and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a mixture of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative, and role – play activities . Children explore a variety of media working with color, texture, shape, space, and form. They develop their imagination through stories, role play, dance, music, and musical instruments. All off the children are encouraged both to express their individuality and to a quire new skills through a wide of range of exciting activities.